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Global Composites Development Overview

Composite material refers to a material composed of two or more different substances combined in different ways. It can exert the advantages of various materials, overcome the defects of single materials, and expand the application range of materials. Due to its light weight, high strength, convenient processing, excellent elasticity, chemical corrosion resistance and weather resistance, composite materials have gradually replaced wood and metal alloys, and are widely used in aviation, automobiles, electrical and electronic, construction, fitness equipment, etc. The field has been rapidly developed in recent years.

View More Date: 2018-12-24

Tianniao Company website is newly revised

Tianniao Company mainly engages in development and application of carbon fiber, aramid fiber, quartz fiber and other special fibers. It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing carbon fiber fabric, aramid fiber fabric, prefab of thermo structure material, prefab of carbon brake, new reinforcer such as high performance carbon / carbon compound materials.

View More Date: 2018-12-24

Jiangsu TianNiao won the first space rendezvous and contributor contribution award for China Manned Project

On October 21st, a short but grand award ceremony was held in the provincial enterprise academician workstation of Jiangsu TianBi High-tech Co., Ltd. Wang Liheng, the former general manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, represented the China Manned Engineering Office and handed over a medal to the general manager of the company, Yunyun Yun, to reward the company in “Tiangong No.1” and “Shenzhou VIII”. No. & rdquo; contribution made during the completion of the rendezvous and docking mission.

View More Date: 2012-10-22
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